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Grass-Fed Beef and Elk

Almost any cut of beef you'd find in a store you can get from us. Our beef is in high demand, so our stock of frozen cuts is constantly changing.  You can also request a quarter, half, or whole beef, and we'll let you know when it will become available. Today we produce and sell beef, elk, and pork.  Our processor for our Beef and Pork is Otto Meats in Luxemburg and our elk is processed at Adams Meats in Clintonville.

High Quality, Pork

We offer all the traditional cuts as well as brats, breakfast links, hams, and bacon. We can also sell a half or whole organic hog that you can have cut to your specifications.



We have a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year depending on the season.

Canned Goods

We also can our own pizza sauce, pickled asparagus, salsa, spaghetti sauce, V8 juice, and more. We use all organic ingredients and spices to make our canned items.  We also do not add any sugar to our canned goods, which is nice for individuals who may not be able to have sugar in their diets.



We feed our chickens with certified organic feed. We offer roasting chickens, stewing chickens, and free range eggs.